Hi, Aislinn and Laundry Service Team 

I hope you are staying safe in NYC. Since I worked with musicians or artists often, I found the Amazon Music project won my heart indeed. I'm a fan of Halsey. I was happily yelling when I heard the beat of Graveyard coming out from my speaker. It made my day. So I turn my cover letter into this page. 

I support the founders of small businesses for on-site or virtual event photos and videos in NYC. Knowing the needs of clients and giving different recommendations back is equally important. Recently, I volunteered as a video editor and outreach member to help restaurants in Chinatown for free marketing. It's my passion and love that I want to give back to NYC. Back in RISD, I was a technical assistant running equipment checkout room. I made the inventory and checkout system working smoothly for students and faculties. Depends on cases, I also provide training on machines, such as DSLR cameras, a laser cutter, or 3D printers.  

I am detail-oriented and love to communicate with people. With past experiences in academics and field, I can utilize my profession to support Laundry Service in various aspects. I firmly believe I am an ideal fit as a motion graphics designer at Laundry Service.  I am currently living in Brooklyn and would be more than happy to have a phone or video call with you at your convenience.

I look forward to hearing from you soon. 
Happy weekend!

Yu Ting

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