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甦醒 Revive



This is a LIVE experiment about TIME.

A calendar’s life fades into dust. It echoes through every move of this audio-visual performance. Every “tick tock” leads to an end. Each end is a start. Time curves us as a masterpiece. Life could be vanished at no times, even without speaking or a slice of omen. The day passing silently, could the aging soul still holds its place as before?


The motion triggers the sound by using MYO armband. Every tremble of muscle will transferred into data and send to MAX. The value then activated the sound and followed by images.

概念&互動聲音Concept & Interactive Sounds: 黃鈺婷Xena Huang​

影像設計Video Design:許汝翡 Ru-Fei Syu

表演者Performer:張嘉方 Jia-Fang Chang

影像播放程式Video Player Design:李家祥  Chia-Hsiang Lee 

Concept Art - hands
Concept Art - hair
Performing Live
Video Design Footage 01
Video Design Footage 02
MYO through Blutooth
Sound Design
myoelectric signal
Performing Venue
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