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The kitchen table talks

The kitchen table talks
The kitchen table talks
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Behind the kitchen table
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TheKitchenTable5Chs.mp3Yu Ting Huang
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Equipment supported by RISD D+M 
Material supported by RISD Materials Fund
Thesis committees: Shona Kitchen, Stephen Cooke, Lisa Park
Wood structure supported by Youngin Sa
Sound system supported by Shawn Greenlee 

This thesis project is based on my memories with family and friends in the kitchen. We shared our own stories either happy or sad. During the process of making food, I made the recording and manage these into 5 channels surround sounds. Then I built 3D models of ancient Chinese characters into food molds. There are a knife, rice bowl, spoon, pot, dishes. MakerBot was used to print these 5 molds and I pressed the sticky rice inside to make it a symbol of the container. After the sticky rice getting cold, I pulled out the rice and filled the negative space with ingredients. Such as pepper, dried shrimp, red beans, sesame...etc. The audience needs to bend their body to draw close to the rice and they will hear the sounds and smell the ingredients.